Top 5 Golf Courses in Kenya

Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge

Golf courses that have entertained legends, offered solace to icons, and now await your footsteps

Kenya, not just a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, beckons golfers with its incredible variety of sterling courses. For those adventurers keen to experience the blend of sport and safari, these top five Kenyan golf courses provide a tee-off into the wild. A land where adventure and the wild heart of Africa beats strong, is also home to the top 5 golf courses in Kenya, each designed amidst incredible variety, promising an unparalleled journey for every golfer.

Over the years, Kenya’s golf courses have not only carved a niche for themselves on the global map for their beauty and challenging designs but have also welcomed figures of great renown, extending an exclusive narrative that merges the elite with the wild. From former Presidents to royalty, those who have walked these courses carry tales of challenges met and the serenity experienced amidst the African landscape.

The variety of golf courses across the country caters to a spectrum of golfers, enticing adventurers seeking more than just a round of golf but a dive into an escapade where every swing tells a story. Kenya’s greens are calling – not just a call to play, but an adventure designed to be lived, with various terrains that offer more than a game, they offer an experience, blending the love for golf with the spirit of safari.

Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge
Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge

1. Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge

Perched on the cliffs of the coast is Kenya’s number 1 golf course, the Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge offers a luxurious golfing experience overlooking the Indian Ocean. Its facilities include a state-of-the-art clubhouse and a private airstrip. Riding the gentle slopes of various terrains, this PGA-approved course offers challenges to golfers of all levels. The 16th hole, a par 4 set against the ocean breeze, tests precision and patience.

Golf & Safari: In proximity, the Tsavo East and West National Parks await, where one can take part in a safari quest to spot the Big Five.

2. Diamonds Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort

In the heart of the Diani beach paradise, this course provides not only whispering palms but also water features and devious bunker placements to test your mettle. The 18-hole course boasts a challenging 6th hole, where accuracy overcomes the intimidation of water hazards.

Golf & Safari: Shimba Hills National Reserve is nearby, offering a quick getaway to encounter roaming elephants and the rare sable antelope.

Diamonds Leisure golf course
Diamonds Leisure golf course

3. Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort

Nestled in the panoramic escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, this lodge and golf resort places you within a landscape where earth’s history beckons. The course, with its commanding vistas, possesses well-kept facilities designed for all skill levels. Its most challenging hole, the par 4 17th, requires a strategic play over a ravine.

Golf & Safari: The nearby Lake Naivasha National Park lures travelers to observe hippos and a plethora of birdlife amidst the lake’s serene backdrop.

4. Sigona Golf Club

Established in the 1930s, the Sigona Golf Club is steeped in tradition and embraces the true spirit of the sport. Surrounded by lush native forest, the course’s natural challenges are complemented by excellent club facilities. The 8th hole, a long par 3, demands a keen eye and a firm stroke.

Golf & Safari: Nairobi National Park lies a stone’s throw away, offering the rare spectacle of wildlife with a city skyline horizon.

5. Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

A mere 15 minutes from Nairobi city center, Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club presents an opportunity to indulge in a premier golfing haven. The 18-hole championship course, set out over a sprawl of coffee plantations and indigenous forests, creates a splendid stage for all golfing adventurers. With the 7th hole’s notorious length and the river’s ever-present challenge, it suits those seeking to push their game to new limits.

Golf & Safari: The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a haven for rhinos and offers insightful encounters with chimpanzees.

Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge
Baobab Course at Vipingo Ridge

From the coastlines to the Rift Valley, the top 5 golf courses in Kenya are gateways to take part in a world where sport meets safari, set against various terrains and wildlife that roams close by. In Kenya, the pursuit of par is paired with the pulse of the wild. Each course presents an opportunity not just to play golf, but also to partake in the thriving ecosystems and wildlife spectacles that the country proudly preserves.

So, ready your clubs, adventurers, because the greens are calling, and the wildlife beckons just beyond the rough.

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Top 5 Golf Courses in Kenya

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