Mauro Marques

Mauro Marques

Senior Consultant

Mauro Marques, a distinguished Senior Consultant at Ascot Golf & Safari Tours, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the forefront of crafting extraordinary travel experiences. With an innate understanding of the intricate tapestry that weaves together golf, adventure, and exploration, Mauro plays a pivotal role in shaping journeys that resonate deeply with travellers.

Mauro’s extensive knowledge of golf courses, combined with his enthusiasm for creating personalised itineraries, allows him to orchestrate seamless and remarkable journeys for each client. His attention to detail ensures that every aspect, from tee times on iconic courses to wildlife encounters, is meticulously planned to perfection.

Beyond his role as a Senior Consultant, Mauro is a true ambassador of the Ascot ethos. His dedication to understanding travellers’ aspirations and translating them into tangible experiences sets him apart. He goes beyond the ordinary, curating moments that are both transformative and unforgettable.

With Mauro Marques at the helm, Ascot Golf & Safari Tours’ commitment to excellence shines brightly. His ability to fuse golf, adventure, and luxury into one cohesive journey reflects the company’s mission to deliver the quintessential African experience. Whether it’s standing on a lush fairway or encountering wildlife in its natural habitat, Mauro ensures that each traveler’s dream becomes a reality etched in their memory forever.

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