Lica Blomerus

Lica Blomerus, a seasoned professional in the realm of travel and hospitality, serves as the dedicated General Manager of Ascot Tours, a role that underscores her commitment to excellence and passion for curating exceptional journeys. With a rich background in luxury travel and a deep understanding of the intricate details that elevate travel experiences, Lica’s leadership has played a pivotal role in Ascot Tours’ success.

Lica Blomerus brings a wealth of expertise to her role, having honed her skills in various facets of the travel industry. Her strategic vision and attention to guest satisfaction have propelled Ascot Tours to new heights, solidifying its position as a premier player in the world of golf and safari travel.

Under Lica’s guidance, Ascot Tours has continued to refine its personalised approach, ensuring that every traveler’s dream is transformed into a reality that exceeds expectations. Her commitment to seamless logistics, premium accommodations, and unique adventures reflects her dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence.

Lica Blomerus stands as a testament to the values and principles that drive Ascot Tours, and her leadership ensures that the company’s legacy of crafting unforgettable experiences remains unwavering. With Lica’s expertise steering the ship, Ascot Tours continues to be a beacon of inspiration for travellers seeking the pinnacle of luxury, exploration, and adventure across Africa.

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