Royal Golf Courses in South Africa

Royal Cape Golf Club

The "Royal" prefix is a prestigious and rare honor that signifies excellence...

The “Royal” prefix is a prestigious designation granted to certain golf courses, symbolizing a mark of distinction and heritage. In South Africa, four golf courses have been bestowed with this honor: Royal Port Alfred, Royal Cape, Royal Durban, and Royal Johannesburg & Kensington.

The right to use the “Royal” prefix is granted by the reigning British monarch. This tradition dates back centuries and is a rare honor extended to organizations and institutions demonstrating exceptional standards, historical significance, and a strong connection to the Crown.

The “Royal” Golf Courses in South Africa

Royal Port Alfred Golf Club

Located in the coastal town of Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, Royal Port Alfred Golf Club is renowned for its scenic beauty and challenging course layout. Established in 1907, it received the “Royal” designation in 1924 from King George V. The club’s long-standing tradition and contribution to the sport of golf in South Africa were key factors in receiving this honor.

Royal Cape Golf Club

Founded in 1885, Royal Cape Golf Club in Cape Town is the oldest golf club in South Africa. It was awarded the “Royal” prefix by King George V in 1910. The club’s rich history, coupled with its continuous commitment to excellence in golf, has made it a landmark in the golfing community. Its championship course is a testament to its enduring legacy.

Royal Durban Golf Club

Royal Durban Golf Club, established in 1892 and situated in the heart of Durban, received its “Royal” status in 1932 from King George V. The club’s central location and historical significance, along with its dedication to fostering the sport, contributed to its royal recognition. The course, set within Greyville Racecourse, presents a unique and memorable golfing experience.

Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club

The Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club, formed from the merger of the Royal Johannesburg Golf Club (established in 1890) and Kensington Golf Club in 1998, holds a rich golfing history. The “Royal” designation was first granted to Royal Johannesburg in 1931 by King George V. Known for hosting numerous prestigious tournaments, the club’s championship East and West courses are revered for their excellence and challenge.

Qualifications for the “Royal” Designation

The process typically involves a formal application, which must be supported by a thorough historical and merit-based evaluation. To qualify for the “Royal” prefix, a golf club typically must demonstrate:

  • Historical Significance: The club should have a long-standing history and tradition in the sport of golf, often spanning several decades or more.
  • Excellence in Standards: The club must consistently maintain high standards in its course quality, facilities, and overall management.
  • Contribution to Golf: The club should play a significant role in promoting and developing the sport of golf, including hosting major tournaments and nurturing golfing talent.
  • Connection to the Crown: There should be a demonstrable connection or contribution to the British Crown or a strong association with British heritage.

The process involves a formal application, supported by historical records and evidence of the club’s contributions to the sport. The application is then reviewed by the British monarch, who ultimately grants or denies the request.

The “Royal” prefix is a prestigious and rare honor that signifies excellence, heritage, and a deep connection to the history of golf. In South Africa, Royal Port Alfred, Royal Cape, Royal Durban, and Royal Johannesburg & Kensington golf clubs have been recognized with this distinction, each showcasing a rich history and a steadfast commitment to the sport. The recognition by the British monarch underscores their significant contributions to golf, making them celebrated institutions in the global golfing community.

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