Luxury Golf Tours

Luxury Golf Tours

In the world of luxury travel, few experiences can match the prestige of a meticulously organized golf tour.

Ascot Golf Tours, a name that is known for its luxury golf tours, is poised to transform this opulent pursuit to new levels with the introduction of Ascot Golf Air. This unique service combines the privacy of private jet travel with the grandeur of golfing at the world’s most prestigious courses, all set against the stunning surroundings of Africa. On our luxury golf tours, guests get to stay in luxurious accommodations, ranging from safari lodges under the stars to hotels located near the golf courses. Guests also enjoy memorable experiences including helicopter flights, safari game drives, wine tasting, and guided excursions.

Luxury Golf Tours to South Africa

South Africa is a haven for golfers, providing a variety of courses that combine incredible natural beauty with a challenging game. From the legendary Leopard Creek, famous for its proximity to Kruger National Park, to the Gary Player Country Club and the perfect greens of The Links at Fancourt, South Africa offers a luxurious golfing experience. Adding an edge to this adventure is the Extreme 19th at Legend Golf and Safari Resort, inviting players to take on one of the most thrilling tee shots in golf.

Zimbabwe & Zambia

Although Zimbabwe and Zambia are not as well-known for their golf courses, these countries offer distinctive courses that provide sufficient challenges in the presence of wildlife. Notable mentions include the Elephant Hills Golf Club in Zimbabwe, with its views of the Zambezi River and a course design that incorporates the local wildlife. Zambia’s appeal comes from its immaculate courses, including the Ndola Golf Club, which provide players with both a sporting challenge and an opportunity to enjoy serenity.


Golfers seeking a blend of adventure and sport will find Namibia’s desert courses enchantingly unique. The Windhoek Country Club Resort offers an oasis-like golfing experience, with fairways juxtaposed against the stark beauty of the Namibian landscape.

East Africa

East Africa’s charm is not exclusively limited to its wildlife. Kenya’s Karen Country Club and Muthaiga Golf Club are thriving courses that are meticulously maintained and offer beautiful play areas. Uganda complements this with its own gem, the Uganda Golf Club in Kampala, offering a peaceful yet challenging experience.


Mauritius transcends its image as a tropical paradise to offer some of the most stunning golf courses in the world. The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club and the Anahita Golf Club are masterpieces that combine luxury, beauty, and the challenge of playing amidst island splendor.

Ascot Golf Tours offer more than just a golf experience; they offer an adventure that combines the sport with African culture and wildlife. In each of these destinations, safari game drives offer visitors the opportunity to experience the wild splendor of the African wilderness through close encounters with the Big 5.

Luxury extends beyond the golf courses and safaris. From the moment guests step aboard their private jet, they are treated to outstanding comfort and service. Complimentary champagne, gourmet meals, and luxury ground transportation ensure every detail is catered to. A dedicated tour concierge ensures that each moment of the journey is flawlessly orchestrated, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the pleasure of their golfing adventure.

The Future Is Ascot Golf Tours

Ascot Golf Air represents not just a new way to experience golf but a new echelon of luxury travel. With this innovative service, Ascot Tours is setting a benchmark for the future of luxury golf packages. For those looking to combine their passion for golf with the allure of African adventures, Ascot Golf Air is the ultimate choice. Prepare to redefine your golfing journey, where every detail is attended to with meticulous care, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration of Africa’s most prestigious courses and majestic wildlife.

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Luxury Golf Tours

This scheduled group tour will bring you to the most exceptional golf courses in South Africa. Guests will travel in style with internal transfers and charter flights, while enjoying luxurious stays in the finest hotels and lodges. 

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