Flying with Golf Clubs

Flying with Golf Clubs

For a superior golfing experience, your familiar clubs are non-negotiable.

Traveling to Africa with Golf Clubs vs. Renting: When you set off for the greens of Africa, you face an important question: should you bring your beloved clubs or rent? This isn’t simply about preference. It’s like a sculptor being asked to chisel with unfamiliar tools or a chef cooking a masterpiece with someone else’s knives. For a superior golfing experience, your familiar clubs are non-negotiable. However, you must balance this with practicality, and sometimes, convenience trumps familiarity. Despite the challenges, many golfers find that the comfort and familiarity of their own clubs far outweigh the inconveniences of flying with golf clubs.

Flying with golf clubs can be a daunting task, as it involves navigating airline policies, dealing with potential extra baggage fees, and ensuring your prized equipment arrives safely at your destination. In South Africa, you’ll find high-quality rental clubs readily available at most courses. Venturing beyond South Africa, rental options may be scarce, leaving you little choice but to take your own equipment across continents.

Flying with Golf Clubs
Flying with Golf Clubs

Airline Policies on Golf Clubs

The relationship between airlines and golfers can be fickle. While a few carriers, like Airlink within South Africa, graciously include golf clubs as part of the standard baggage allowance, most treat them as additional baggage with accompanying fees. The airline’s policy is the critical variable, which can turn a no-cost inclusion into an added expense with a single schedule change. Always consult your chosen airline before departure to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cost Implications

Economically speaking, the scales tilt based on two factors: the number of rounds you intend to play and the added baggage fees. If you’re a prolific player, you’ll find comfort and cost-effectiveness in traveling with your own clubs, even when facing extra baggage fees. In contrast, if you’re an occasional golfer or have a tight itinerary, you might lean toward the convenience of renting.

Insuring Your Golf Clubs

The safety of your clubs is frequently protected under the scope of household insurance, eliminating the need for additional coverage. However, you may opt for damaged baggage insurance, a safety net while your beloved irons soar through the skies.

Flying with Golf Clubs
Flying with Golf Clubs

Travelling with Your Clubs

Once in Africa, your clubs either accompany you or are travel ahead via our trusted and reliable luggage courier services. These entities ensure that you and your gear reunite seamlessly at your destination.

Rental Availability at African Golf Courses

In South Africa, quality rentals are the norm, with roughly 95% of clubs offering commendable sets. Yet, venturing out into the rest of Africa can be a gamble, with many finding themselves at the mercy of mismatched sets reminiscent of novice membership kits.

Independent Services

If you’re travelling to Cape Town or Johannesburg, you may find solace in, a rental facility offering convenience near these metropolitan airports – though you’ll need time for the return process.

Specialized services like Ship Sticks promise a hassle-free experience – collecting, transporting, and delivering clubs door-to-door. While not the budget-friendly option, it ensures that high-end clients tee off with their personal clubs at their side, without the customary airport drag.

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