Build A Golf Trip

Planning your ideal golf and safari getaway to Africa with Ascot Golf Tours is a quick and easy process

Begin planning your golf trip by telling us about your travel party. Then, from our list of destinations, select your preferred accommodation categories, golf courses, and activities. Customize your trip to fit your budget and interests, and make each moment unforgettable. By following these steps, Ascot Golf Tours ensures that your golf and safari experience is perfect.

Shamwari Sindile Lodge
Lost City Resort
Luxury Golf Tours
Uganda Golf Club

Custom Golf Tours

When planning a custom golf tour to Africa, it is important to incorporate your desired standards of accommodation, activities, and attractions alongside recognized golf courses. This will guarantee that you get an experience that is both unique and memorable. To ensure a well-rounded golf trip, it is important to find the right balance between the golfing opportunities and the unique experiences offered at each stop. Proper research and preparation will ensure a seamless and enjoyable golf tour.

Tips for Building a Custom Golf Tour
  • Book your international flights well in advance.
  • Tailor the tour based on your group’s preferences, such as including non-golfers’ activities or focusing on specific types of courses.
  • Research the best golfing seasons for your destinations to avoid extreme weather conditions.
  • Allow for rest days between rounds to enjoy other activities and prevent burnout.
  • Check for any major golf tournaments or local festivals that might enhance your experience.
  • Choose a mix of famous and lesser-known courses to provide a varied experience.
  • Incorporate visits to local attractions, such as safaris, wine tours, historical sites, and beaches.
  • Create a budget covering flights, accommodation, green fees, meals, and additional activities.
  • Check necessary vaccinations and health advisories for each country.
  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that includes coverage for golfing activities.
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