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Escape to Mozambique

5 Nights | 2 Stops
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 Ibo Island & Medjumbe

Welcome to a truly spectacular Quirimbas Archipelago holiday package. Settle into Ibo Island Lodge and meet fellow guests at the rooftop bar to watch the spectacular sunset and dine under the stars. Discover real insight into the region’s rich past and complex culture – a thousand years of history, forts, churches, mosques and ruins. From Ibo you take a light 20-minute aircraft flight to Medjumbe.  Awaken each morning to the most breath-taking views of the crisp blue ocean, spotless white sandy beaches and calls of the sea birds!
5 Nights | 2 Stops
Ibo Island Lodge
3 Nights
Quirimbas, Mozambique
Minor Hotels
2 Nights
Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique
Fly In / Fly Out
Pemba International Airport / Pemba International Airport
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  • Abundance of activities on offer including as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and world-renowned scuba diving 
  • Dinner under the stars on pristine white beaches