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Big Five safaris are a must-do for anyone visiting South Africa, the term referring to the animals considered most difficult to hunt, namely lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino. The sound of "Big Five" still conjures up the romance and excitement of Africa's exotic destinations and encounters, which today can be experienced in various forms across Southern and East Africa. 

Prepare to be awed as you see an elusive leopard dozing in the bough of a tree, spot a black rhino with its magnificient horns and bad temper half-hidden in thick shrubs, come across a pride of lions stalking their prey at sunset, or watch a large herd of elephant move soundlessly across the road. Accompany expert rangers and field trackers in search of the African game on custom-built Land Rovers, or take a guided walk into the heart of the bush for a completely different perspective from a ground level that cannot be appreciated from a vehicle.

Late winters, May to September, are best for sightings when the grass is still low and the water is concentrated in only a few places. Summer is very hot but the vegetation is at its best with lots of baby animals. The other good season for sightings is early monsoons, the birthing season in the bush, which starts to flush green after the first rains.

South Africa’s famous golfing safari literally implies encountering wildlife on the greens. It is normal to see impala or zebra grazing the fairways, giraffes nibbling the trees, warthogs rooting about in the rough, and most eye-widening of all, crocodiles and hippos in water hazards! You will have ample chance to experience this unique phenomenan while playing on the iconic Leopark Creek and Hans Merensky, both bordering the Kruger National Park as well as almost all courses along the Limpopo Golf and Safari Route including Legend Signature, Zebula, Elements and Euphoria. The other classics are at Sun City - Gary Player Country Club and Lost City Golf Course, with its 30 live Nile crocodiles on the 13th hole in the latter! Have enough spare balls handy as it is very unlikely to retrieve the lost ones from the crocodile pit.
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