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Mauritius - Jewel of Indian Ocean

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Welcome to the enchantment that makes Mauritius an exclusive and uplifting holiday destination. The island blends an eclectic variety of colours and tastes in a smooth mix where the past and the present reside amicably together. Set in the turquoise beauty of the Indian Ocean, the peaceful calm of the island brings back travellers over and over again. From the rhythmic and lively beats of the Sega to the delectable cuisine that reflects the melting pot of cultures which define Mauritius, it is said that here, you can easily travel to all corners of the globe without leaving the table.

The multi-ethnic character of the island aside, Mauritius also promises to keep the most discerning of travellers entertained with a multitude of places to visit and things to do in this pulsating country. Of course there are wonderful, expansive beaches with adrenaline-packed activities like surfing and deep sea fishing on offer. But, that's not to say that shopaholics, history aficionados, and wildlife enthusiasts will be left bored. Mauritius has more than its fair share of wildlife nature reserves, monuments swathed in history, as well as some of the busiest shopping centres catering to tourists from around the world. Rest assured, you're going to be spoilt for choice.
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