Company Profile
For over two decades Ascot Tours have exceeded travellers’ expectations with our ready-made itineraries to the most exclusive destinations in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, and Mauritius. As South Africa’s first member of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators(IAGTO), Ascot Tours have been at the forefront of the golf tourism revolution in this country. And after 20 years at the pinnacle of the industry, we have expanded to leisure tourism in response to demands from our global partners. Our three travel categories, Ascot Golf, Ascot Safari, and Ascot Beach, provide in-bound tour operators with bespoke itineraries for their clients. Through our exclusive partnerships with 2010 British Open winner Louis Oosthuizen’s company, Louis57 Travel, and 2005 US Open champion, Michael Campbell, we now offer out-bound tours to elite golfing destinations and events, in addition to unique playing and interaction possibilities.

Ascot Tours’ signature traits of uncompromising attention to detail and seamless delivery have set the bar for operating standards, compelling seasoned industry veterans to unanimously acknowledge Ascot Tours as the leading destination management specialist for golf tourism in the Rainbow Nation. Here are five good reasons for why we are leading specialists in the industry.
#1) Dedicated B2B Model
As South Africa’s first member of International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), Ascot is firmly positioned as the ground-handling entity of choice by more than 100 global golf tour operators and luxury travel agencies specialising in selling golf tourism to Southern Africa. To date, Ascot has participated in no less than 16 annual International Golf Tourism Marketing conventions, attended by the world’s best golf tourism professionals, and we have developed an enviable network of regional channel partners that complement its growing supplier relationships.

Using a pure B2B model, Ascot does not take direct bookings from any prospective golf tourist to Southern Africa. Instead, all client enquiries are forwarded promptly to a partner golf tour operator or travel agent in the region, who then contacts the client independently. Ascot’s zero deviation policy on no-direct bookings takes away your worries about shrinking margins in a fragmented industry, and allows you to focus on the core business of converting leads and generating sales.
#2) All-Inclusive, Readymade Holidays
Typical “stay-and-play” packages are designed around an option for accommodating three to four rounds of golf. Visitors and their non-golfing partners, in particular, are often left to explore a foreign land on their own. Even customised packages that burden clients to design a bespoke tour can suffer from not extracting the full value from an international holiday.

In a departure from popular norms, Ascot Tours address this problem by offering a wide portfolio of over 100 travel-ready itineraries that include not only great properties for lodging and playing, but also come pre-loaded with quintessential Southern African and Mauritian “experiences”. Apart from the signature Big Five safaris, they can include the most luxurious train in the world, Rovos Rail, watching giant whales play metres from the shoreline, and playing the longest and highest par-3 hole in the world, the Extreme 19th. These fantastic experiences are inserted at a golfer’s pace to ensure your clients do not leave without a real taste of this beautiful country. All you need to do is arrange for their return flights to and from South Africa. For everything else, including ground transfers, multi-lingual guides, stopovers, local attractions and much more, there’s Ascot!
#3) 'Happy to Help' Insiders
Unlike other golf tour operators whose push-sales teams are recruited from across the travel spectrum, Ascot Tours’ handpicked consultants are not only passionate about golf, but also resident experts on Southern Africa and Mauritius. Most are bornand bred in the region, and chant the mantra of “Leave Ordinary Golf Behind” in their daily lives!

With a combined experience of more than 65 years in golf and leisure tourism, Ascot’s insiders have personally visited the destinations and properties to capture invaluable first-hand insights to pass on to your clients. Years of painstakingly nurtured first-name relationships with the management in golf clubs and hotels ensure the best rates along with relevant and timely updates. The result is a blend of unbiased recommendations and a value-based no-nonsense approach, which enable your clients to:
  • access exclusive privileges and members-only facilities at private clubs;
  • enjoy premium value-added services at boutique accommodations; and
  • visit off-limit venues and well-preserved local secrets.
With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, George, and our head office in Knysna,the insiders are well positioned to serve you anywhere in Southern Africa. Ascot also supports American and Chinese golf tour operators, through strategic tie-ups with dedicated partners and strong relationships with the South African Tourism Boards and South African Airlines in various countries.
#4) Legendary FAM Trips
It’s not all work and no play at all when dealing with Ascot! For us, it’s quite the reverse. Over the years, Ascot has educated more than 500 travel specialist and media professionals about golf tourism in South Africa. More than 100 golf tour operators from around the world – including the US and China – have already experienced Ascot’s legendary Familiarisation (FAM) Trips, for a first-hand understanding of what this stunning country has to offer.

The FAM Trips aim to increase awareness about golfing in South Africa by taking tour agents and travel specialists on an exclusive private tour through a spectrum of distinct experiences. Apart from golf, FAM Trip participants also get an immersive view of accommodation, food, sightseeing, entertainment, shopping, wellness and culture, which can then be used to educate clients through targeted promotions.

Ascot Tours’ FAM Trips have been recognised as an invaluable experience by participants to fully understand the benefits of doing business with Ascot. Be it the single point of contact, meticulous planning, or the range of stunning marketing collaterals that can easily be branded with your own logo and contact details, Ascot Tours’ FAM Trips effectively demonstrate how to position yourself as the expert on South Africa in your local market for maintaining your competitive edge.
#5) This website......